Dicky Dodd: Radio isn’t a job – it’s a way of life

In this episode of The Media & Me, radio presenter and event host Dicky Dodd talks about his journey to becoming a household name in the Black Country. He talks about the high points, such as meeting Lionel Richie and appearing in panto – where he was unusually struck dumb by an attack of nerves – and the lows, like being made redundant in 2020. Find out how he bounced back with a new home on the airwaves and why you might see him at the wheel of a West Midlands bus. Listen to the podcast here. It can also be …

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The media and me

Exes and eyebrow trolls – how my lockdown experiment put me in the spotlight

Rebecca Lockwood, a student and journalist, decided to use her free time during the first lockdown to contact all her exes and ask them ‘what went wrong?’. Her story attracted interest from the national media and she was even offered a slot on This Morning – only to be usurped by Prince Charles. Here she reveals how she felt about being on the other side of the news. Download the podcast here. Listen on Google podcasts here and on Spotify here.

The media and me

Anne Alexander: How I covered the pandemic in the face of a government boycott

Anne Alexander is senior political producer at Good Morning Britain. In this podcast, she reveals how she overcame the challenge of covering the Covid-19 crisis when government ministers boycotted her programme, and recalls the highlights of her career in journalism so far, from landing a job on her local paper to flying with Theresa May to meet Donald Trump. Download this episode. Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify