Five words or phrases from the US election

Five words or phrases from the US election

We post regular tips about writing in our Facebook group, Writing Wisdom.

Recently this included one on words or phrases from the US election.

How many have you heard of?

Blue wave – A definitive Democratic “blue wave” pollsters predicted never happened – as in sweeping wins for the party associated with this colour. This is potentially confusing for Brits as we’re more used to a ‘true blue’ party to the right.

Bully pulpit – A term coined for the presidency by Theodore Roosevelt that seemed apt for many commentators more recently.

GOP – Grand Old Party – Alternative name for the Republican Party first used in the 1880s.

Momola – A preferred term to ‘stepmother’ from Kamala Harris and her family.

Psephology – A branch of political science particularly relating to the analysis of voting and ballots.

I must admit some of these were new to me!

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